Let’s state the obvious: no country is more identified with vodka than Russia. Much more than a popular drink, the “green dragon” – a Russian folk idiom for vodka – is an integral part of the culture.

William Pokhlebkin, known as one of the leading historians on the subject of vodka, takes ninety-seven pages in, A History of Vodka, to reach the conclusion that: “A date between 1448 and 1478 is supported by the whole sum of historical, economic and social research,” and that “the development of alcohol distilling occurred in Russia approximately a century earlier than in neighboring countries.”

  • Moscow Region is the national symbol of fecundity and the genuine Russian spirit. Moscow Region is where the steppes are boundless, seas are full of fish, Mountain Rivers are rapid and clean, the forests are scenic and fertile lands are planted with golden wheat. Moscow Region is where the real Russian people live, whose baldness and courage were elegized in numerous legends and songs.
  • First production began in Moscow, Russia in 1997 and continue for all years in Russia.

“From the chronicle story we can know that Moscow had another name, which is KUTSKOV A long time ago.”