Made from Luxe wheat, the finest of natural grains. Five times distilled and free times filtered through birch charcoal and diamond quartz sands.  Resulting is this perfectly crafted Vodka’s clean and smooth taste.

Kutskova  is exceptionally smooth and has all the characteristics  of small batch spirits.

Only artesian water is used;

The distillery is furnished with up-to-date high-quality equipment;

The basic principles of the distillery are high standards of quality and following the traditions.

The distillery has rich experience in export of its products

Key elements of «Russian vodka» distillation process

Ethyl alcohol made of domestic grains (wheat, rye) is used;

Pure specially prepared artesian water is used;

Purification system where water and alcohol mixture is passed through layer of birch coal and sand filter;

Original methods of achieving the softening action of vodka.

Made from “Luxe” wheat grains, five times distilled, and three times filtered.

Kutskova is  vodka as it should be 100% authentic Russian.

Kutskova is produced with natural spring water. This is exceptionally smooth vodka with a character reserved for hand-crafted, small batch spirits.

Kutskova, the premium vodka produced and bottled in Russia.